Volunteer at DU!

I’ve got 2 minutes

Join AmplifyDU and be the first to find out new news about DU. We'll send you an email when something is noteworthy and will ask you to share with your friends and fellow Pioneers. Or just check us out on the socials: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I’ve got 30 minutes

Join the thousands of DU alumni on AlumniFire to make career connections with students and other alumni. Alumnifire is a grassroots networking community launched by DU in April of 2015.

I’ve got an hour

If you are in the Denver area, sign up to participate in an Alumni Discovery Initiative interview and tell a current student interviewer all about your experience as a DU student and what you have been up to since graduating. A student will contact you to set up the interview
If you are not local, tell us about what you are doing and share your personal story of success post DU. (an online form to submit would need to be created)

I’ve got a day

Save the date for the inaugural Alumni Weekend Community Service event on May 20, 2017. Join other Pioneers in Denver, across the country and around the world and participate in activities benefiting the cities in which we all live.

I want to help, let me know when!

Sign up to volunteer for a one time opportunity, we will send a request for volunteers in these categories when opportunities arise. Sign up for one or for all!

  • Events: I want to help with event related roles such as alumni weekend and homecoming or other mass engagement events
  • Career: I want to help at career fairs doing career coaching, resume review or other career center roles
  • Community Service: I want to participate in community service events
  • Regional: I am interested in getting involved in activities outside of Denver