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Your ties to the University of Denver don't end once you leave campus. Here you'll find information about events, alumni groups and chapters, benefits and services, and other resources to keep your Pioneer spirit involved and engaged.


Where are they now? DU has consistently produced one thing for decades – Pioneers! Check out our new Pioneers Build the World website, which is designed to show you how far you and tens of thousands of your fellow DU alums have gone in the world! Check it out →

DU Recognized for Study Abroad Program

For the fifth consecutive year, the University of Denver ranks in the top five in the country for undergraduate participation in a study abroad program. According to Open Doors and based on the 2015–16 academic year, DU ranks fourth in the nation with 70.7 percent participation, up from 67.9 percent the previous year. Read more → 
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Upcoming events

You heard the story, now go deeper with the cause. Pioneering Denver Adventures take you into the workshops and creative spaces of Denver’s leading founders to see and touch the ways in which Denver’s pioneers are transforming our metropolis. Experience the best of Denver through Colorado’s leading minds and get engaged with the important causes and businesses that are shaping tomorrow.

May 16 to 19 Add to calendar
Join us May 16-19 for University of Denver's second annual Alumni Weekend to celebrate alumni achievement, welcome graduating seniors into the alumni family and experience DU's impact in the community.
Join us, as fellow Pioneers spread throughout the country come together in celebration of Alumni Weekend in newly opened Pioneer Headquarters. Events will be held on May 16th in Seattle, San Diego, Minneapolis, Boston and Atlanta. And on May 17th in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

University of Denver's 24-hour giving blitz, One Day for DU (#1Day4DU), is coming back in 2018! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 23. Last year, 2,279 donors gave $450,846 to 28 crowdfunding projects, 90 impact areas and other special causes on campus and beyond. Let's build off of this momentum as we prepare for our next One Day on May 23, 2018.

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