Founders Forum 2016



A showcase of our stellar faculty and academic excellence in a brief-and-brilliant format. Reception to follow.

Founders Forum

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Cable Center
Grand Hall

University of Denver faculty members lead their fields in creating new knowledge, advancing human understanding, expressing the human spirit and addressing society’s most vexing problems. They pioneer research, artistic expression, professional scholarship and pedagogy. With work that is recognized nationally and internationally, DU faculty attract undergraduate, professional and graduate students, engaging, supporting and challenging them towards ongoing development and transformation through this work. The heart of the University is the work of our faculty in scholarship and teaching.

DU is the only private research university in the Rocky Mountain West, which means that support for our faculty’s research is crucial for our ability to contribute new ideas, new applications of knowledge and new forms of innovation to our region and the world. To succeed, we will draw upon our rich traditions of deepening human knowledge by expanding opportunities and support for faculty as they create, transmit and apply knowledge in traditional and innovative ways. As expressed in the Chancellor’s DU IMPACT 2025 strategic plan, the University will build on these strengths to create a new model for higher education in the 21st century.

In 2016, as DU celebrates the 152nd year of its founding and embarks on a journey of campuswide transformation, the University will begin a new tradition – Founders Celebration, a 2-day affair where the Founders Medal and the Evans Award will be presented to some of our most treasured members of the DU family at the Founders Gala on March 3.  In addition to the Gala, there will be a celebration for faculty, staff and students on campus; and the inaugural Founders Forum, a showcase of the University’s commitment to addressing the immediate needs of modern society through research and innovation.

Founders Forum, which will be held the evening of March 2, will highlight a selection of the University’s stellar faculty who will inform and inspire as they present the innovative research they undertake to better our communities and our world. Attendees will discover how faculty collaborate across disciplines to design knowledge that addresses the complex challenges facing the world today. Following the program, attendees and faculty will gather together to discuss the work, share ideas and commune with each other over drinks and entertainment.

Admission to the forum is a $20 donation to the Student Scholarship Fund. Thank you for supporting the University and making education more accessible and affordable for our students.

Featuring the following faculty members presenting their work:


Kim Bender
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Social Work

"Belonging: A basic human need"



Erica Chenoweth
Professor & Associate Dean for Research, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

"The Stunning Success of Nonviolent Resistance"



Phil Danielson
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

"Bullets to Body Fluids: Justice through Science"



Sam Kamin
Vicente Sederberg Professor of Marijuana Law and Policy, Sturm College of Law

"Not Whether, But How: Undoing the Federal Marijuana Prohibition"



Lavita Nadkarni
Associate Dean/Director of Forensic Studies, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

"Forensic Psychology at DU: Experiential Training focused on the Public Good"